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Luxury pearlised pink scented candle

Luxury pearlised pink scented candle

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Our luxury pearlised pink scented candles are highly scented and will make a statement in any room. Embellished with a beautiful flower in a stunning pink pearlised jar. These candles are large and have 2 wicks. 


Packaged in a luxury box making the perfect gift. 


Size 95mmW x 105mmH and hold 350g of wax. 

Sheer lily & white rose

A floral fragrance with notes of bergamot and hints of plum and peach blended with lily, rose and ylang on a base of woods, amber and musky undertones. 


Wonderland Rose

A laundry type with notes of Violet Leaf, Orange Peel, Saffron Middle; Rose, Green Stems, Rose Water Base; Amber, Precious Woods, White Musk. 


Wild honeysuckle & sweet davana 

A perfumed scent with honeysuckle top notes and green plant davana. 


Snowing fairies

A sweet fragrance with notes of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry resembling a bubblegum type of scent. 


How to use your candle correctly & safely, all these instruction are also supplied within your candle box.


Please follow our instructions to get the most out of your scented candle.


Firstly take a look at the length of the wick in your unburned candle. You will need to trim your wick to this size approx 5mm before every burn we cannot stress this enough! This is really important to avoid a large, unsafe flame and to avoid soot residue. Burnt candle wick can cause black marks on surfaces & fabrics so avoid dropping & smudging this on anything.


Always place your candle on a level, heat resistant surface away from anything that could catch fire especially curtains. Place where it cannot be easily knocked over and out of reach of children & pets! If placing under any shelves or furniture make sure there is at least 1 metre between them. Always place burning candles at least 10cm apart from each other.


Light your candle making sure none of your clothes or hair is dangling over the flame. Make sure no matches drop into the candle.


Drafts, open windows & doors with cause your candle to flicker avoid placing anywhere like this however a slight flickering just after lighting is normal whilst the flame settles and the wax is starting to melt.


Always allow your candle to melt fully across to all edges every time you burn, this will give you the maximum amount of burn time and won't waste your candle.


We recommend you don't burn your candle for any longer then 4 hours at a time, as the container may become to hot causing cracks to form & hazardous breakages to occur.


Do not move a burning candle always extinguish first. Snuffing the flame is the correct & safest way to extinguish, blowing out can cause sparks and/or hot wax to fly across the surface. If you haven't got a candle snuffer a spoon works just as good just place it over the flame until it has gone out. Always double check the flame has gone out completely as candles can carry on smouldering and start up a flame again.


Never leave a burning candle ever unattended or fall asleep with one lit.


Place lid on your candle when not lit to stop any dust settling on the wax.


It is extremely important you follow these instructions for your safety & to burn your candle to its full potential.

Please read all packaging safety CLP leaflets prior to use and keep these for future reference. On request we can supply SDS sheets for all our products. 


Sheer lily & white rose

Contains: Acetyl cedrene, Cedrol methyl ether, Coumarin, Formaldehyde cyclododecyl ethyl acetal, Hydroxycitronellal, Isoeugenol, Linalool, Tetramethyl acetylocathydronaphthalenes. May produce an allergic reaction. 


Wonderland Rose 

Contains DAMASCENONE, HEXYL SALICYLATE, ISO E SUPER, alpha iso methyl ionone, benzyl salicylate, heliotropin, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, limonene, linalool. May produce an allergic reaction. 


Wild honeysuckle & sweet davana 

Contains alpha iso methyl ionone, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, hydroxycitronellal, helional, ISO E SUPER. May produce an allergic reaction. 


Snowing fairies

Contains PENTADECALACTONE, TRANS-ROSE KETONE-1. May produce an allergic reaction. 

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All products are sent via Royal mail 2nd class signed for, Small orders of up to 2 large packs or  4 small packs of wax melts cost = £2.90

Larger orders & all other products cost = £4.10

A signature is required on receipts of all parcels (signed by your postman on your behalf whilst the covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing). 


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Our order processing times are up to 4 days, if this is going to be longer we will always have an announcement in our website header bar so please check before ordering. 


Returns accepted if unused and in perfect condition please contact within 14 days faulty products within 30 days. 


Please read our delivery and returns pages at bottom of store for full information. 



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