Earl grey & cucumber wax melts

Earl grey & cucumber wax melts

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Our Earl grey & cucumber wax melts are available in packs of x3 or x6 and each one will last approx 10 hours each.


Scent type = feminine & fresh 


Scent notes: A cool, clean and crips burst of bergamot, with Earl Grey tea, on a cool base of succulence crunchy cucumber with base notes of beeswax, vanilla and musk. 

All of our products are made in small batches and can differ in colour and sparkles sometimes from our photos, this in no way will affect the burning or scent of your product.



Here's our guide to get the most from your wax melts and how to safely use them. This information will also be delivered with your order.


Before adding our wax to your burner be sure you have removed any old wax, cleaned and dried the burner first.


We recommend just using one melt at a time or even cutting them in half works great to. Our melts are slightly bigger than average so please be careful if adding another melt into your burner, make sure there is enough room and that it won't spill over the edges once melted. All wax burners weather tea light ones or electric ones all differ in size, they will heat the wax at different speeds & temperatures so please proceed with caution if you feel you want to add more wax or heat to your burner for a stronger scent throw.


All our melts are highly scented some will be very strong whilst some more subtle, each melt should last approximately 10 hours each, some may last longer and some a little less, this is purely down to the scent’s natural strength. Allow one wax melt to melt fully for maximum scent throw, then you can add more if you wish. Once you have burned wax melt for multiple hours the scent with eventually fade away, it's then time to change to a new one. The amount of wax in the burner will stay the same once the scent has gone and we recommend using a new tea light for every new wax melt. It is normal for your wax melts to give off what looks like a white smoke when burning, this is just the fragrance vapours burning off and sometimes you may also hear the melted wax crackle but again this is perfectly normal.


We only recommend using the up to 4 hour tea lights with our melts. The longer lasting or larger ones can burn the scent off to quickly, whilst also making the burner extra hot which can lead to cracks forming & hazardous breakages. Tea lights half used or near their end won't heat the wax as much and will result in the scent strength not meeting it's full potential.


We recommend storing our wax melts in their original packaging, it is designed to keep the scent sealed in for as a long as possible. We also recommend you don't store them in a warm area or near any heat source as they will melt.


Always remove old wax as you won't get the best from a new melt if it's sitting over an old one. We recommend the easiest way of doing this is to light the tea light for roughly 10 seconds, blow it out, then gently push on the wax and it should pop out in one go., apply very little pressure and if your wax burner is made of glass be extra carful doing this. You can clean your burner with soapy water and always dry before adding your next wax melt. If your burner is electric only clean if you can remove the plate that the wax sits in and keep all electric equipment away from any water, dry thoroughly before placing back on the burner.


Burning our wax melts in areas with open windows, doors or drafts will significantly decrease the strength of the scent. Never leave wax melting or lit tea lights unattended or near anything flammable, always place on a level & sturdy surface that is heat proof protected and can't be easily be knocked over, keep away from children & pets and do not touch wax once it has melted.

Please read all packaging safety CLP leaflets prior to use and keep these for future reference. On request we can supply SDS sheets for all our products. 


Contains: Contains ISOEUGENOL. May produce an allergic reaction.

 Shipping costs:

All products are sent via Royal mail 2nd class signed for, Small orders of up to 2 large packs or  4 small packs of wax melts cost = £2.90

Larger orders & all other products cost = £4.10

A signature is required on receipts of all parcels (signed by your postman on your behalf whilst the covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing). 


Delivery aim is 3 working days however please allow more time at busier periods and due to covid-19 there are many delays so please allow more time for your items to arrive. 


Our order processing times are up to 4 days, if this is going to be longer we will always have an announcement in our website header bar so please check before ordering. 


Returns accepted if unused and in perfect condition please contact within 14 days faulty products within 30 days. 


Please read our delivery and returns pages at bottom of store for full information.