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How to use wax melts?

How to use wax melts?
How to use wax melts?
  • Place wax melt heart into the well of a tea light or electric wax burner
  • If using a tea light burner make sure you only use a 4 hr tea light larger or longer lasting ones can burn off to fragrance to fast and make the burner to hot leading to cracks & hazardous breakages. 
  • Each melt will last approx 10 hours, which means once your tea light has finished you can light a new one & reuse the same wax melt. 
  • Always remove old wax melt before adding a new one, even if  is the same scent it will decease the strength if added to another. 
  • As the wax melt starts to melt the aroma will be released reaching its full potential once fully melted. 
  • Place away from open windows door & drafts to get the best scent throw
  • Once there is no fragrance left thats the time to change to a new melt the amount of wax in the burner will not decrease in size.
  • A slight crackling noise & white mist coming from the melted wax is normal and is just the vapour from the fragrance being released. 







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